Lucid Global Partners, LLC (Lucid) currently operates in multiple facets of the entertainment vertical including film exhibition, film production, as well as, co-financing the development of film slates and digital media. We purchase, develop, and produce high-quality profitable media properties through partnerships or complete ownership. In addition, Lucid manages investment funds on behalf of media related companies, strategically partnering with them as well. Lucid's extensive due diligence methodologies combined with our access to top-tiered resources within the entertainment industry help facilitate the successful execution of such ventures.

The film exhibition industry has demonstrated consistent demand for decades despite several economic downturns. Lucid recognizes the stability of this market, which led to our forming an alliance with strategic partner, Fusion Multiplex, LLC (Fusion). Since the inception of the partnership, Lucid has worked closely with Fusion to address their development needs, expansion plans, and strategies for maximizing revenues.

Inspired by our team's passion for quality content, expertise, and access within the industry, Lucid maintains an active role in film and television alongside our production company partner. Lucid oversees the financial components of the partnership, which entails our conducting thorough examinations of internal green light analyses to determine each project’s feasibility as it pertains to Lucid's investment criteria.

Lucid actively pursues the development of film slates because they offer our clients two very important benefits. First, film slates typically require smaller investment amounts which helps mitigate risk. Second, they offer the potential for both short-term and long-term returns because of the investor's ability to recoup the principal investment prior to production, while also capitalizing on returns from the intellectual property's future performance. To that end, Lucid has strategically positioned itself to reap the financial benefits of participating in this often-overlooked niche of the filmmaking process.

The fast-growing world of digital media has sparked the interest of both content producers and viewers. Advertisers have also been quick to capitalize on the vast number of digital media viewers leading to substantial revenues for many content producers in this space. Further, digital platforms serve as a testing ground for potential films and television series, as well as, offer large amounts of precise data pertaining to viewer metrics. Lucid views digital media as a vehicle for unconventionally identifying ideas capable of generating revenues from content not made for the "big screen" or television.