Lucid Global Partners, LLC (Lucid) employs an organizational growth strategy which includes the ongoing exploration of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) opportunities that arise within the public sector. Public entities can benefit greatly from partnering with Lucid by leveraging our capabilities to deliver needed facilities and services. We also help public sector organizations capitalize on "off-balance sheet" financing opportunities to renovate or develop new public assets. Such prospects diversify Lucid’s methods of creating profitability while simultaneously improving local communities through the enhancement of public sector assets, services and programs.

Lucid's multi-faceted capabilities spanning numerous sectors make our firm a strong candidate for public entities seeking a partner in the private sector. Public-private partnerships expand capitalization options while reducing procedural "red tape", consequently expediting the completion of projects that might otherwise be infeasible or experience significant delays.

We are actively engaged in examining the following PPP models where the financial, technical and operational factors, combined with public-sector contributions, create the elements necessary for all parties with a vested interest to realize premium returns.