Lucid Global Partners, LLC (Lucid) is well-versed in the areas of real asset underwriting, financing, development, and performance. Utilizing the collective wisdom of our experts, we conduct rigorous due diligence, highest and best use analyses, as well as, supply and demand models to qualify opportunities. Upon successful examination, we then move pointedly to augment such intrinsically valuable assets.

Lucid's team possesses significant experience executing opportunities throughout the real estate industry. At Lucid, widespread resources are leveraged to assist our partners with making the best investment decisions for their organization based on industry trends, market forecasts, and the economic environment as a whole. Moreover, we utilize the services of our preferred market research firm to provide us with the most up-to-date data as part of our underwriting process which allows us to mitigate risks and anticipate trends.

From traditional development financing to customized alternative financing solutions, Lucid works diligently to determine the optimal capital structure to help our partners focus on what they do best: deliver exceptional environments for their tenants, consumers, and clients. We consult with our partners throughout the development process, lending relevant insight and leveraging relationships with industry specific leaders. We appreciate that combining quality real estate with amenity-rich environments provides the elements necessary for sustainable success.

While Lucid has chosen to focus on the areas listed below, we take pride in our capacity to consider opportunities outside of this scope. At Lucid, we strongly believe in the importance of adaptability given that market trends are perpetually subject to change.

Senior Housing
Lucid's objective is to achieve distinction from surrounding senior housing communities by maximizing resident satisfaction, occupancy rates, and return-on-investment. We focus on the development of senior housing communities that address independent living, communal housing, or grandfamily housing needs. Each Lucid affiliated project is designed to improve the quality of life for residents while also adding value to the local community. 

Repositioning and Restructuring
Many of today's existing structures were developed within significantly different economic and social environments. Further, a vast number of recently developed properties were improperly positioned or poorly structured, leaving underutilized real estate in need of repurposing. As a result, there are now countless properties that are underperforming, only partially utilized, or completely vacant, thus lowering both its own value and, in most cases, that of adjacent properties. Lucid recognizes the potential of this expansive market, hence our active pursuit of opportunities within this space.

Mixed-Use Development
Mixed-use developments require the ideal mixture of design, tenants, etc in order to become a "destination" for those living within or visiting the area. Such developments harbor inherent risks due to the project’s reliance on the success of numerous independent components. In order to mitigate exposure, Lucid invariably employs a holistic approach to the buildup of such properties.

Co-Developer Partnerships
Forming partnerships with developers on a per-project basis can, in some instances, be the most suitable approach due to the ability to combine resources, expertise, networks, and respective visions. Despite the extensive experience of Lucid’s team, strategic partners, and consultants, we recognize that assembling consortiums of qualified entities allows execution of mid-to-large scale projects, together with the realization of premium returns by virtue of increased purchasing power.

MINERAL EXTRACTION (Subsurface Rights)
Lucid's process for monetizing in-ground assets begins with indentifying their net present value, outlining potential suitors, performing initial risk assessments, and determining the capital required to elevate the asset to investment grade. First, Lucid completes a comparison of a lease scenario versus selling the asset. We then determine whether the client’s objectives necessitate utilizing our industry experts to oversee the exploration operations, including extraction. From there, we produce reports detailing the capital requirements, along with the projected market value of the assets post-extraction.