Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF) is dedicated to raising awareness of numerous important biodiversity issues by producing signature events centered on the screening of independent films and documentaries that raise awareness about how preservation efforts impact our daily lives and help preserve Earth's precious resources such as food, water and clean air.

When their primary event sponsor dropped out at the last minute, the WCFF approached Lucid Global Partners with an opportunity to fill the vacant space. Lucid gladly stepped in recognizing that this was an opportunity to not only invest in an important conservation effort, but also to bring added value to its own organization, as well as, a pre-existing partner, namely, Fusion Multiplex (Fusion).

Following Lucid's last-minute sponsorship, WCFF informed Lucid that they were actively searching for a new location in Los Angeles to host its annual film festival. Of course, Lucid's partnership with Fusion was an obvious solution, resulting in Lucid facilitating an introduction and subsequent agreement.


• Lucid secured the contract to bring WCFF’s annual film festival to Fusion upon completion of Fusion's flagship
  location in Downtown Los Angeles, California

• WCFF contractually agreed to utilize Fusion as the premier location for any new films slated for theatrical release

• Lucid participated in formulating the strategy utilized to reach an agreement with a distribution partner for WCFF's
  extensive content library consisting of over 300 films

• WCFF 2013 was held in New York, as scheduled, and was a major success as evidenced by the following sales
  metrics (increases based on the paid attendance of the previous festival):

         • Internet sales increased 10%

         • Cash sales increased 200%

         • Ticket sales at the door increased 400%

         • Festival passes increased 400%